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After clicking submit, please wait for the "Your file was successfully uploaded" page to appear before clicking away.  For small files it will appear in under 1 minute. The bigger the file the longer it takes. Please be patient.

File size must be 250 MB or less.

Should you need to upload a larger file, please contact Jim McLain for assistance.


If you would, please name your file something like:




 It will be greatly appreciated.

As you might imagine, we receive many files related to signs, banners and decals. It is NOT a good idea to simply name your file "sign" or "banner" or "decal."
Our program of choice for most purposes is CorelDraw. We currently run version X5 (15). CorelDraw files have cdr as their file extension.

Depending on your project, we may also be able to use the following file types:

eps,  psd,  ai,  bmp,  gif,  tif,  tiff,  jpg,  jpeg,  png,  pdf


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