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Police, Fire, Emergency and Municipal Vehicle Door Emblems

Sparkling Glitter Background

3M Scotchlite Reflective Background

White Vinyl Background

Decals printed on this material will have a sparkling metallic glitter background. It comes in silver and gold. It is not reflective at night, but it does sparkle brightly in direct sunlight. If you want something more distinctive than ordinary vinyl, this is a good choice. If you're looking for night time visibility, there is no better material than 3M Scotchlite.  This is the best reflective material in the industry. It makes an excellent vehicle marking. This is your most basic decal material. It is commonly used for automotive markings. It is not reflective at night, nor does it sparkle in direct sunlight. If you don't need reflectivity and don't want a metallic look, then this is a sound economical choice.

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