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Colonial Style Swing Post
Lightweight PVC plastic design. Easy to install. Easy to transport.

New! Rust free hanging hardware! No more ugly rust stained signs.

  • Aluminum mounting holes
  • Stainless steel eyebolts
  • Stainless steel sign clips

Never needs painting. Virtually maintenance free. Can be wiped clean with ordinary soap and water.

No post holes to dig! Large strong steel spike easily pounds into the ground and keeps your sign erected properly and securely.

Optional side mounted eyebolt to allow for attaching a bungee to your main panel should you wish to ensure that your sign does not swing too much in strong winds.

Quantity... 1 12+
Post Kit $115.00 $99.00
Optional Side
Mounted Eyebolt
$4.95 $4.95


Replacement Parts:

Ground Spike


Sign Clips $0.60  
Rider Panel Holder $6.00  

Prices shown are per unit based on quantity ordered. Prices subject to change without notice.

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